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Finding Treasure

Come on in and find out what I know and love so much about California. L.A. and San Francisco have much to offer, yes...but there are 28 million more people in the state and they live and play in some of the planet's most amazing places.

Like a random spot along Hwy 1, there are so many cool things to see and do. The locals take it all for granted so why not you, and that's what will make Californialand and Sea your favorite place to come and find them.

I was born here a long time ago. I was fortunate to live in many of the nooks and crannies of this great place and I have lots to share. From my life and the enriched lives of those around me. Visit often and see what there is to offer.

Tara's Blog

From one end to the other of the longest west coast state. Find hidden places in National Parks only the locals know and the best Air BnBs Cali has to offer for the most get aways of get aways. Find small towns with BIG histories and much much more. Haunted places, travel tips, Bigfoot? We won't miss a thing, so you won't either.


 Small Towns

Those bends in the road. You've driven past them on the way to somewhere else, but here we give you a peek inside these worthwhile stop-offs on your journey. From Harmony, Pop.18 to Seaid Valley where you can eat in a giant pancake challenge. These little places with BIG histories are well worth your time.

Air BnB

Truly Top-Notch

 There are literally hundreds of quaint, inviting, out-of-the-way spots to stop and rest awhile on your adventure through California. What started out as a quirky alternative to hotels and motels has fast become the prefferred way to get a night's sleep. We scour the woods and the beaches, and all places between to bring you the best out there.



State Parks

Only The Best In The World

California truly has some of the world's premiere federal and state playgrounds. From the tops of the Country's highest peaks to the most beautiful shorelines imagineable, we showcase the lesser known, and just more of the plethora of great nature you can find off the beaten path. You know names like Yosemite and Mojave, but have you heard Marble Mountains?  


Recipes, restaraunts, and drinks from the best California has to offer

Ham &Cheese Egg Cups

Gluten Free For On The Go Breakfast


Click on the button to find beautiful photographs from California taken by me myself. I am attempting to be an affiliate for Amazon so I have offered here the camera bundle I use myself to get these shots. If you are looking for a great place to start I recommend it.