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A new way to stay

 The craze has become a norm. Air BnB, that quirky thing your neighbor decided to do with the second story of their home has become a craze and a good way to earn an extra income, so Californians from one end of the state to the other have come up with some great places to spend a night or two in style.

The sky is the limit these days with people turning their barns and out buildings into charming places to stay without the hustle of the hotel. I have friends who converted an old wash house into the cutest loft suite. They built a room above the wash house and the coolest touches. Their yard and property is a blast to visit. They have an outdoor pizza oven and they pull out blankets and watch movies outside on warm coastal nights. You'll get fresh chicken eggs while you're there too. 

From quirky to classy, we'll keep you up to date on what we find. 

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