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Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Hand's down, no argument needed...this has been a hard year on everyone. From Covid to raging wildfires. Hurricanes to laid off workers, the stresses of 2020 are unprecedented and not one person I know is sad to see this year fade to the next.

With most everyone having to stay home to stay safe instead of whisking off to some far away cabin in a romantic wood, in some far away place, everyone is searching for ways to relax and unwind.

With budgets strained from the holidays and the state of affairs, why not try your hand at a simple way to make these bath bombs. They are simple and so much cheaper than the ones you find in the store, that you can afford to make plenty for you, your friends, and family.


Bath bombs. Certain words immediately come to mind. Luxurious, pampered, spa day, bath shop, hard to make, expensive.

Scratch those two last. Bath bombs are all of the rest. They are luxurious and indulgent. The beautiful scent and rich coconut oil are a delight to your senses as you dip into liquid relaxation. Your bathtub, that plain white porcelain mainstay. The one the kids and your husband all but abuse every day of any given day, is suddenly transformed into a sumptuous day spa on a mediterranean cruise ship.

Add a few mood candles and douse that phosphorescent light over the sink, drop in one or two exquisite bath bombs and you could imagine that romantic getaway you've yet to gotten away to yet.

Hey, want to have BATH BOMBS without the COST? They are so darn expensive at the store, am I right?

I scoured recipes on Pinterest looking for great bath bombs to make. I was immediately drawn in by all of the beautiful photos and promptly filled a board with about 400 different versions, you know, just in case I ever made the time to make them all! Don’t we all do that? Come on….Pinterest is my kind of eye candy. I would bet more than just mine.

Bath shops market the little nuggets like they're gold and one would think that they are incredibly difficult to make or they wouldn’t be for sale in that over the top boughie shop, now would they? Surprisingly, they are relatively cheap to make and absolutely simple to make.

Here is my SUPER SIMPLE INGREDIENT LIST. It is made up of things you most likely have on hand. If you don’t have molds, you can look around for smallish sized jars or cups and firmly mold them in those. These turn out completely yummy.



Face mask

Large bowl

Large mixing spoon

Bath bomb molds

Tray or screen to dry wet bath bombs on. I use a large egg crate.

2 Cups Baking soda

1 Cup Citric Acid

1 ½ Cup Coconut oil or different oils adding up to 1 ½ Cup all together. The amount you use will vary depending on your altitude, humidity, weather in your house, and who really knows what else, but I have found that this amount of oil is the absolute most I would ever need.

Other oils you might like to try:




Sunflower...among many other skin safe oils

¼ Tsp mica coloring

1 Tsp essential oil…. Again, these measurements of mica and scent will depend on your preference, but you want to be careful here if you’re new. Too much mica will turn your skin a lovely color of purple, or whatever color you use too much of and too much scent can be rather gaggy. Is that a word?


Measure and mix the citric acid and baking soda together in a large non reactionary bowl and then add the mica and essential oil. To this you add the oil in small bits until it resembles the consistency of playdough.

Mold it up. Store bought molds will usually give you seven large bath bombs with this recipe. It will depend on what you use to mold them up with of course. Remove from the molds as soon as possible by gently releasing them. Sit them on a rack or porous surface to completely dry for 24 hours before you seal them in airtight containers.

Go lock yourself in your bathroom with a do not disturb sign on the door, and a favorite book and ahhhhh…...throw one or two of your own handmade relaxation in the hot steamy water and take a long, well deserved soak.


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