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Kinleigh Learned To Swim - 5 Cities Swim School in Arroyo Grande

Updated: May 16, 2019


Kinleigh standing at the frog slide is all set to learn to swim

Kinleigh got an amazing Christmas gift in 2018 and recieved eight swim lessons that changed her life. Read on to follow the adventure.

Christmas of 2018 was an exciting one for Kinleigh Grace. Among other amazing things, Santa made sure that she received a gift card with eight full swim lessons at 5 Cities Swim School in Arroyo Grande, California.

It was the best time for her to learn to swim being she turned 6 years old on Christmas eve. She was very excited. The gift card came in a box with her very own swim goggles inside. A GREAT gift idea btw, and I’m just going to throw that out there.


5 Cities Swim School

Founded in 1984 by Jeffery Purchin, it is the premiere place for kids and adults to learn to swim in the Pismo area of the central coast. Having some of the world’s most inviting beaches just down the road makes it a common sense solution to those who want to dive in but who cannot yet swim confidently enough to venture into the Pacific Ocean.

They offer a complete variety of courses including beginner swim lesson to competitive swim instruction for athletes. There is yearly memberships with free swim, lap swim, and exercise classes for everyone as well. You can even rent out the whole place for private parties.

It’s the place to be for all of your swimming and aquatic needs, so relax and enjoy some pictures of Kinleigh’s experience.

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