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Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Why not?


First, a few things about myself and how I think these things might translate into help for you, my reader.

I'm a writer. I have written most of my life for one reason or another and I've finally been writing professionally for the last few years. I write for iWriter actually. It's a good site for me personally and I've heard a lot of the opinions about it. I like it and that's my first tip for you and how you can use what I know. One of the most basic and important things you will ever learn. LIKE what you do. There are a bunch of writing sites out there and they all have different rules and demands as far as how they work and how they pay. My best advice for you is do some research and just make sure you LIKE what you're doing. In my sixty years I've found that the rest is really just details.

One important detail....and something to encourage those who read these things and think, "meh, I could never do that." I write? But I cannot type. Nope. I try. I practice. I use Mavis and play with the little frog and the best I EVER manage is around 30wpm. LOL, no joke. Funny thing is I can chicken peck almost 70wpm. Take that! HA! If you really want to do it...don't let ANYTHING stop you!

Second, I am disabled. I have approximately seven autoimmune disorders. I say approximately because I've been diagnosed with that many. I am actively being treated for five. They're some of the hard kinds, but I feel lucky and feel that they could be worse. Another thing about me is that I am always looking for the bright side. I don't always find it, but I am definitely ALWAYS looking for it.

I'm planning on adding articles on information on things I have learned and learn along my healing path. It's been rocky and long and full of good help, so something along these lines is definitely in the near future here on the blog.

Third, I plan to offer affiliate products on my blog and website www. my website Californiland and Sea. After two years the site is still just a toddler, but it is finally GROWING! My issue is growing an email list and getting enough people coming to the blog to warrant putting links here they might want to buy from. It's a great way to make a little money.

It's of no extra cost to you, the customer. It's just literally a commission paid to me for advertising merchandise by sellers on my website or blog for you to buy. So, something to work on. I'll do a few blog posts on what they are and how to do them for anyone who might be interested as I learn about them.

-Here's my disclaimer for today. There are links in this blog, but none of them generate funds for me. I am simply sharing products as information only and sharing links to these items for your benefit, and the seller of course only. I receive nothing for this article.


If you haven't seen my latest blog post on my Simple Recipe For Bath Bombs go look at it. I just made some and I've been taking a bath nightly lately and soaking in my tub with them. I used eucalyptus oil for the purple ones and just laying there in the steam with the coconut oil soaking in and the eucalyptus stinging my nostrils is just the SHOT OF RELAXATION I've needed.

YES, a shot! A big ol punch in the gut of "lay down and relax or else", and we all probably need that right now.

I have mentioned my Pinterest before and I will because it's become a huge resource for everything I love. My bath resource is no exception and you can see for yourself. Here are the links to my bath related boards.

Scrubs, Bombs, Fizzes, and Balms

Ugly As Homemade Soap...(it's a play on words. I picked most of these for how absolutely beautiful they are)

Of course I haven't tried them all. I have however, tried a few. I have not tried to make soap, YET. That's a bucket list item. Below is a list of some of my favorites. Some I've made. Some I've tried, either I've bought them or received them as a gift, and some I WANT to.

I'll leave links to as many recipes as I can. ENJOY!


Might as well start with my absolute favorite. French soap does it for me. I think it is probably because they've been at it for a zillion years but there's just something about a chunky, substantial block for yummy lavender soap from Pre De Provence. I happened upon it in a quaint little soap shop in the gold mining town of Coloma in the foothills above Sacramento. At first I was a little alarmed about the size of this bar of soap, I'll be honest. It's a whopping 8.2 oz.

I could barely hold it in one hand when it was brand new, but holy cow I was glad I got my first bar that day. There are many different "flavors". I mean scents and every one of them are so luxuriant and yummy but that lavender bar had me at HELLO. The scent was heavenly and just so natural and not sweet at all. Those dark spot in the soap are actually lavender bracts and as the soap melts they act as perfect exfoliants.

Pro De Provence

The link in the photo takes you to Riverbend Home. A really good home site with great prices.

My Next Favorite Bath Indulgence Is Bath Bombs

I'm going with the top of the tippy top of Bath Bombs, and I've used my fair share of these beauties to grease up my bathtub. I always, always, ALWAYS, have to remember to wash down the bottom of the tub before a shower. It's so easy to slip and fall on an after bath bomb bath surface. (say that three times fast)



it's always so much fun to seek out and find rich and heady scented combinations. The possibilities are endless. Just check out my Pinterest page, it's the link on the Groovy Kind Of Love Bath Bomb by LUSH above, and check out the ones I've found so far AND there are bona fide LUSH recipes! The link in my Pinterest board goes to LUSH. Here it is for your convenience

My Next Offering Is For The Shower...Melts

Gonna be completely transparent here...I have never tried a shower melt. I want to. I feel I NEED to. I have looked through hundreds of them and I chose these particular ones from my Pinterest board because they are eucalyptus. I use Pinterest in my bath as much as I can. I use it in bath bombs, sugar scrub, salt scrub, and I buy eucalyptus bath salts. Most people rave about lavender as a relaxing scent, and it is, but there is something mind clearing and at the same time RELAXING and calming to me about eucalyptus.

I live on the central coast in California and you can't drive anywhere without having to go through a grove or two. Maybe it's the fresh ocean air through those trees? IDK, but I love it and prefer it. I am a crafter and as you get to know me you'll come to see that it borders on the ridiculous, how many crafting things I'm willing to pick up and try. That being said, I've done loads of bath things to date.

I've shared a bath bomb recipe. I've made salt and sugar scrubs, and one try at bath salts. Super easy, but next time I need to add more fragrance. I plan to make these melts now. Just cornstarch, water, essential oil, and coloring is optional. It's a go.

The link on the photo goes to the link for the Pinterest article and website/blog article and recipe. Give it a try!

Sugar and Salt Scrub


These are indistinguishable accept for the obvious. One is made with salt, the other with sugar. Each has it's own chemical reaction with your skin, I'm sure...

but, those ingredients are used for exfoliation so, it comes down for me to what I have the most on hand. If I'm not expected to be baking I'll use sugar. If it isn't winter and I don't need my big salt for the steps outside, I'll use salt. (no, it doesn't snow where I live now, but it does snow where I recently lived and the real reason for the name of me website, Californialand AND Sea.

This is the simplest stuff to make EVER. The only advice I have for you when making it and keeping it for use is, keep water out of it as much as possible. It promotes mold and that's never good. And another thing is that oil in anything will spoil over time so this stuff does have a shelf life. Make it and USE IT. It's relatively cheap to make, so use it or lose it.


The benefits of scrubs are many. The coconut or other binder oils used to make it are wonderful moisturizers. Essential oils are wonderful aromatherapy. I already mentioned the benefit of salt and sugar as an exfoliant. Just shower or bath as usual and then rub your body down with the scrub and get rid of scaly and dead skin, while making your skin smooth and soft, and relaxing or exciting your senses with the essential oil of your choice.

Many people, myself included, prefer to make my own for more than just economy. Many of the store bought varieties contain ingredients that irritate or cause allergic reactions. Why go with all of that? You really need to check out what those strange sounding ingredients are too. Many manufacturers claim their products are natural when that description is misleading, and making it at home yourself is so much safer. You get to control what you put in it.


That old stand by. The original, the O.G. of fancy bath products. The one you looked at with suspicion in your grandparent's bathroom because anything old people used was definitely not something you would EVER need. Right?

Well, I am older and I do feel I NEED bath salts for my arthritis and what not, but this ancient bath aid has been revived and can be found in just about any bathroom these days.

These ingredients are no longer banished to the back shelf at Walgreen's, although you can still find them there...with a new twist. There are quite a few varieties to choose from now. Although they are still Epsom salt based, there are a few nice scents to buy and I buy them all. I lied. I just checked their website.

I have not tried them all. I have myself, tried the plain, lavender, and eucalyptus. I thought I was really on my knowledge of Dr. Teal's. Lol....nope. There's 21 varieties that I counted on their website.


The first one at the top is HEMP SEED OIL so, WOAH Dr. Teal's...way to keep up! It's actually the CALM YOUR MIND PURE EPSOM SALT SOAK WITH ASHWAGANDA. There are 21 different kinds and as I stated, I want to try them all now.

I'm learning as I write this so although it will make this article a little longer, I'm gonna take a minute. There are names like:




...and many more.


Lastly and by all means NOT leastly, I scoured Pinterest and found a trend. It's probably been around for awhile, but it's oh so cool so I'm sharing it here. I'm trying it too.

HOLY SOAK Bath Salts and Candles on Etsy

I don't know about you but I love Etsy every bit as much as I do Pinterest. The world of handmade is growing by leaps and bounds, and if you haven't visited the voluminous halls of this incredible handmade market, you are truly missing out!

Here at the end of my list for today, and by all means NOT the end of the list. I need to do blogs on every single one of these a quaint bath shop with a great gimmick and some even greater bath salt combos. They seemingly sell out often so if you're interested, go often. She's got so many different mixtures and each one of them just seems so AMAZING!

Bath salts are so simple to throw together anyone can do it. I've included a link to a jump rope on Pinterest with a simple to follow and easy to understand recipe for your pleasure.

Bath Salt recipe from

I truly hope you have enjoyed my little article. We're all off to a new start here in the unknown land of 2021. We all hope for better days. We are all striving for success and good health. We all want what's best for our families and those we hold dear.

I've started out with some ways to relax and I'm just gonna go out from here. In this year I will strive to do my best for myself, my family, friends, and all of you. My goal is to bring you relevant and great content. Stuff you enjoy. Stuff that teaches you, encourages you and challenges you to thrive.

If you like what I offer and want to come back, please subscribe for emails and I'll figure out all of this. I'm figuring out how to help anyone to subscribe to this blog as I write!

Wish me luck and hope to see you soon!,


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