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Welcome From CaliforniaLand and Sea


From the top of the state to Mexico, from the Sierra Nevada range to the Lost Coast in Mendocino and Humbolt county, California is a treasure trove just waiting to be adventured in.

 I was born in the Sierra Navada Mountains and raised in the Central Valley...what Time-Life has reffered to as the Bread Basket of the world. I have always lived in the smaller towns and cities of the state. I can count on one hand how many times I have visited the bay area or have been south of the Grape Vine on I-5 going into the Los Angeles area. I do plan on finding cool, little places in these areas so I'll be a tourist with you when I'm there.

That is where I got the idea for this site. So many Cali sites focus on tourist hubs like L.A. and Sanfrancisco and that's wonderful. Who doesn't love Pier 39 and Mickey Mouse, but can you even imagine for the sheer size of the state, what to do in between those visits? There is SO MUCH and I plan to show you it all.....eventually. We're in this for the long haul.

From some of the richest business minds in the world to simple living homesteaders, there is every kind of mindset making this place a most desired destination when you really want to find just about everything.

In the pages, and nooks, and crannies of this website

Plan to find places to...







You'll also find...



Personal stories

and Histories


Unique opportunities people outside California are unaware of and wonder about,

these can make your visit to California truly something to cherish and remember.

It is my pleasure to make your experience fun and enjoyable.

My personal Blog

A little bit of everything. Part daily kournal, part information, part craft, part ... my Blog is like me, varied and exciting! Never a dull moment. You'll always find something new, THAT'S for sure!

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