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Fearless...Tara's Transformation

weight loss, starting weight, today at 243 lbs.

I've struggled with my weight for very many years now. I have a story or two to share along the way but today I decided to do this in a way I could where I could hold myself completely accountable. Publicly. I went back and forth wondering about planning for it. Should I research and write scripts? Should I maybe hire some experts to get it all shiny and perfect to publish.

I also noticed that many many people have succesful vlogs and blogs on their weight loss journeys, but for me there was only one thing missing. The present. The ones I find are all success stories about how they did it with pictures from the past struggle and wonderful videos and pictures of them in their current at weight stage. That's great. I applaud them, but I was thinking I need the support of an in the moment situation, so that's when I decided to just do this.

I made up my mind to blog and vlog my journey. I'm adding a youtube channel to all of this shortly as well. I don't even have a food scale. I started with the food section of my "diet" a few days ago and found that I didn't even have a lot of food I could eat with t he restrictions I've made mysellf so my first few days of journaling look pretty caveman. I'm journaling them anyway. I realize that this IS what it is about. I could plan for months and then never get down to actually doing it, so instead of a polished set and polished nails, I'm just going to "start". I'm actually unfinished at the moment so that might as well be the start of it.

I'm going to count calories. I'm giving myself a set amount for each day and I'm writing evrything down that I eat. I am drinking at least 8, 8 oz. glasses of water each day. I am only weighing myself every 6 weeks. I'm doing that live.

I'll be exercising and I'll have recipes and inspirationals stories and ideas to share.

This is so excitiing and this is only the beginning!

A front view, because...why not.

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Dang right I will follow.


Smile! Enjoy the journey. You're so brave and going to inspire people. Hugs!


I’m super proud of you Tara!!

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